Clinical Nutrition

What is Clinical Nutrition?

When approaching health, we have to ensure healthy foundations, or the whole thing eventually crumbles.  Nutrition is one of the elements of the foundations of health. It is a required component for healthy life to flourish.  

The food we put into our bodies and do or don't absorb has a huge influence on our health, in both negative and positive ways. Dr. Blake Myers, ND has the training and experience to help guide you in the food choices you make from a medical perspective. He promotes high quality, yet sustainable, accessible and environmentally-friendly food choices. With proper nutrition, a part of your foundations of health is laid that helps you to feel more energy, mental clarity, decreased symptoms.  It helps your to be more Vital! 
Dr. Myers will help you implement food choices that will help with common conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, but can taylor specific diets for treatment of conditions like seizures or multiple sclerosis.

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