I'm already paying for insurance, why should I pay for a monthly membership?
       Great question!  It's important first to consider how much you're paying for insurance and what you are
     getting in return for that investment.  Often, we have patients that have high premiums and high     
     deductibles.  In return, they are receiving the typical insurance-based care.  ie. Difficulty getting  
     appointments when they need them, short visits where they don't feel heard, a pill for a symptom, and no
     way of calling their doctor and discussing any current issues because they're too busy and/or they aren't
     on call and it's after clinic hours. 
     Northshore Family Practice is interested in eliminating all of that!  We're returning medicine to the way it
     should be.  By paying  a flat monthly fee and taking the middle man out (insurance) of the equation, we can
     be your personal doctor that is always available when you need us and provide you the kind of health care 
     experience we both want for you.

How can I best utilize my membership while mainaining important insurance coverage?
     Since we can provide you with the vast majority of your health care needs, your membership is best
     couple with a high deductible plan with the lowest premium possible.  The current best option for that
     is a bronze insurance plan.  The goal of insurance is to reserve it for catastrophic and high level medical
     interventions.  Our goal is keep you from needing that high level of care.

Is the membership fee covered by insurance?
     No.  However, there are companies like Liberty Healthshare/Direct who provide medical coverage and will

     pay a portion of your monthly membership fee.

What if I need to be seen the same day?
     We plan for these events.  Our limited member panel per physician helps to make sure we always have
     spaces available for acute or more urgent matters.  While chronic conditions are often scheduled out a
     week later, if you need to be seen today, we will always be here for you. 

How can you ensure accessibility?
     In order to always provide accessibility and our full scope of member services, we limit our providers to a
     set number of patients.  This ensures that each physician has the appropriate time and energy to be
     focused on the most important part of the practice, you!

How long do I sign up for?
     NFP members sign up for 1 year increments.

What if I need to cancel my membership early?
     There is no penalty for canceling a membership early.  We may charge for services rendered if they       
     substantially excede the the membership dues paid.  If a year was paid in advance, we will return the
     prorated fees for the remainder of the year.

Can I pay for an entire year at once?
     Yes.  If you pay in advance for an entire year, we will place the funds in a trust account and we will debit the

     monthly dues each month.  You can also simply pay monthly.

Can I use my HSA (Health Savings Account) to pay for my membership?
     Currently, the IRS doesn't allow for paying a membership with your HSA.  However, you can pay for
      visits and we can apply the visit fee to your membership, essentially paying for the membership.  If you
     elect this option, you would not pay more than the yearly amount, regardless of the number of your visits.

Does Direct Care replace insurance?
     No.  None of Northshore Family Practice's membership plans constitute insurance.  While we can typically

     cover 90% of member healthcare needs in our clinic, you are always encouraged to have at least     
     catostorphic coverage for high level health interventions such as hospitalization, should they ever be

Does Direct Care meet the requirements for the Affordable Care Act (ACA; Obamacare)?
     No.  You need to have ancillary insurance that meets the requirements for minimum essential coverage. 

     The best way to save money on your healthcare is to have a membership at our clinic and have a low  
     premium/high deductible plan with the hopes of never needing to use your insurance.  And better yet,
     getting a service like Liberty Healthshare/Direct is not only more affordable, but they will pay a portion of
     your Northshore Family Practice membership fee.

Is there regulation regarding Direct Care practices?
    Yes.  The presence of laws and there contents vary by state.  The state of Washington has a simple and effective

     law in place.  Direct Care practices are governed by Chapter 48.150 RCW

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