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Methamphetamine & Cocaine Addiction Specialist

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Methamphetamine & Cocaine Addiction


Methamphetamine (crystal meth) is a very dangerous drug that starts to break down body tissues soon after use starts.  Severe withdrawals generally take about 3 days, but then a craving phase of several weeks sets in. This is followed by a post-acute withdrawal phase that can last for many months.  During this time craving can come and go.  Withdrawals may still come and go without warning.  During this time, it is important to be under a doctor's care.  Medication can help with withdrawals and cravings so that Recovery becomes possible.  Counselling and group support is also important during this time.   

Cocaine is a strong stimulator of the brain chemicals that induce pleasure.  It also is a cardiac stimulant and the most common cause of heart attacks even in young people.  It is highly addictive and dangerous.  As with many other drugs, there are medications to help with withdrawals from cocaine.   

Meth and cocaine are often taken in conjunction with opioids.  Controlling the opioid addiction may make it easier to stop using meth and cocaine.   

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