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Opioid Addiction Specialist

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Northshore Health

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Opioid Addiction


It is no secret that we are in an opioid crisis.  People are suffering from the trap of opioid addiction.  Many find it impossible to escape.  They watch in despair as drugs steal their homes, cars, jobs, schooling and worst of all, the relationships with those they love.  Addiction is a complicated problem.  

It is a medical problem affecting the brain and body. 

It is a social problem affecting family, friends, job and school. 

It is a psychological problem affecting feelings, emotions, self-image. 

It is a spiritual problem. 

We can help you with Medication Assisted Treatment to control cravings and withdrawals so that you can put your energy into those things most important to you.   

Whether you are on prescription opioids or street drugs, if you want to stop, give us a call.  We have experience with detoxing many different opioids including poppy seeds, Kratom, “Pressed 30’s,” Fentanyl, heroin, Suboxone, Methadone, oxycodone, Oxycontin and hydrocodone.  We can start with an outpatient detox or else a switch to buprenorphine if that is a better choice for you.  Then we continue with ongoing medication to keep withdrawals and cravings in control.  Meanwhile, we will help you find a therapy program that matches your needs.   

Addiction can be a very lonely road to travel.  It is easier if you can find someone to walk with you.  We are here to help.  Call us at 425-424-2100.